This world is designed to fill, fill, one of the hardest things you will ever do (besides childbirth) is consciously simplify your life.
It's been a Just a quick update...I moved to the Seattle area in 2016, and just recently moved to the Tacoma area with my guy, wrote a lil organizing book (which I will tell you about in a sec) and am coming out with my new Oracle Card App (Positive Energy Oracle) soon! So I have been busy...ya know...growing, changing, focusing on my writing, being a fixer-upper genius, becoming a domestic goddess, kicking ass, taking names, etc, etc...
So, it's fall, a time for things to fall away and simplify...ya feelin' it? I know I am. So, anywhoo, I was watching this great documentary last night called The Minimalists, and anyone who knows me knows how much I love and aspire to live a minimalistic lifestyle.
Before watching this documentary, I had kinda gone on autopilot and was about to buy a more towels and sets of sheets. And after watching, I instead gave away 2 bags of stuff.
Why? Well they have this super helpful question they ask themselves, "Is it immediately useful in my life?"
Sometimes when I am feeling bad, I will incorrectly conclude that I need to buy something more in order to feel better, when the truth is that buying something more, while giving me a temporary high, ultimately leaves me feeling even worse. Because when I buy more, I become energetically responsible for this thing in my environment.
I even de-cluttered the title and body of this email...because hey...sometimes simplicity says it all.
Why is this important to you? Because when you free yourself from having to manage all that stuff, you open doors to your intuition and your creativity. Creativity loves space. And I don't just mean that in an airy-fairy "she's just so artsy and creative" kind of way. I mean it like meat and potatoes, real life, practical, creative problem solving, helpful sh*t, kind of way.
Wanna know what the hardest thing for me was? The biggest challenge for me was letting go of Louise Hay's book, You Can Heal Your Life. You see, I love reference books on healing and that book changed my entire way of thinking about the healing mechanisms in my body. That book was soooo useful to me for so many years, but as I look at my life honestly now, I haven't really used it or referred to it in years, so I reckon it is no longer immediately useful in my life now.

Consider for yourself the courageous and creative act of keeping only that which is immediately useful to your current life. And then notice how frickin' good it feels to free your energy and open up the space around you. Righteous eh?
Maybe I am simply the messenger reflecting a longing or discontent within you, not for something more...but for something less.'s my new kindle ebook...Quick and Dirty: Snarky Organizing Tidbits, available on Amazon for just $2.99! Hey...thanks in advance, I always appreciate your support of my writing as I endeavor to make the world just a bit more tidy in my own devilish and snarky way!

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