Hi...I'm back!

I just got a new haircut and am trying a new hair color today...wine red....oooo la-la sounds yummy...hope it looks yummy too! Anywhoo, is anyone else massively growing and changing right now? Cuz I am...somethin' fierce! And let me tell you that the ferocity can be jarring sometimes. Even though the change is welcome, something I have noticed through the years is that during any major shift in my life...so many of my tried and trues will simply stop working. Don't get me wrong, they always get replaced with something better...but the in-between time can be a real b*tch. The changes to my tried and trues can be smaller and more subtle, like wanting to update my hair, add more color to my wardrobe...or even starting to wear skirts and dresses (yes...that happened...let's not talk about it). Or they can be bigger, like revamping my spiritual practice, diet, exercise type, or transforming long-standing dysfunctional behaviors and patterns of interacting that aren't serving me (yep this happened too).

The shift inside always spurs the shift outside...and even though I am still surprised just how much the outer trappings of my life change when I a make a big shift...I guess I am telling you...do not be surprised if many of your tried and trues stop working when you make a major or even semi-major shift in your life.

This time of year...fall...is all about change and it can really kick up all of our sh*t...quite frankly...and I know that if I am going through some challenging changes in my life...so are you.

So here is my offer to you...if you need support...I have begun offering it (one of the many changes I am going through)...and if you feel drawn to my energy...I want you to reach out. Really.

This is my official call out...to all of my lovely Advanced Souls...you know who you are: constantly learning, growing, evolving and supporting many others too. You feel absolutely called to make a meaningful difference in this world. Because you have learned so many coping tools through the years and have a high level of self-awareness, you are able to give yourself (and others) incredibly strong support. It is only when you are stuck...really stuck...that you will you reach out and finally ask for direct support. And...you love getting to the heart of the matter quickly...so you can get back on track as soon as possible. Sound like you?

This is where I come in...I am the strong support for the strong, cutting through the unnecessary BS quickly so you can get back to making your meaningful difference in the world. I am finally offering the support that I was always born to give.

If you feel drawn to work with me one on one...you will probably get chills up your arm as you read this and you will know in your bones that it is time.

Reach out...I am here for you...and you are not alone...so many of us are evolving so rapidly right now and that can make the waters of your life murky for a time. Let me support you as you clear them.

Life can be f*cking complicated...so I keep things simple and affordable.
Reach out to me via FB Messenger when you need support and I will be there.
The first chat is on me...and I am happy to give it...we can talk individual pricing then.