"You will have increasing joy and ease when you listen to and immediately follow your inner messages."
~Sanaya Roman (Spiritual Growth: Being Your Higher Self)

We have all heard "the stories" of famous Psychics or Intuitives who were already talking to their guides and doing readings for people by the ripe old age of 5. How when they were adolescents, their intuitive visions were so strong they would pass out in class. Then in their twenties, the pivotal moment came when because of a particularly strong vision, they ran their car off the road, which was when they just had to start their career as a professional intuitive reader...etc, etc. I don't know about you, but hearing those stories intimidated the hell out of me. I thought, "Well I guess I am not meant to be intuitive or use my intuition, so I guess I'll just rely on my mental faculties." And I did for many years, until I started discovering just how simple and easy it is to access your own wise guidance within, and how valuable a tool it is when applied to every area of your life. Because of my misconceptions about Intuition, I thought it would be helpful to shed some light on some of the common myths surrounding intuition.
Myth #1 - you have to be born with special gifts to have excellent intuition
No siree Bob...I am living proof that is not true. While I do feel I was born with a sensitive nature, I never even came close to feeling intuitive or would have called myself intuitive. I still don't label myself as an intuitive or give professional readings of any kind. Intuition for me is first and foremost about accurate discernment of the information coming into my life in order to align more closely with my joyful desires and dreams. For most folks, intuition will not be about getting information about others, but more about aligning with that wise part of yourself that knows the best and brightest ways to achieve your goals and objectives in the most delightful ways possible. There will always be a select few who are gifted, this is true in any field. But the good news for the rest of us is that it is indeed a skill that can be learned. Intuition discernment is absolutely a muscle that can be strengthened and a skill that can be learned and mastered over time.
Myth #2 - it takes a long time or deep meditation to access intuition
Surprisingly, what I have learned through my 20 years of practice is that access to your intuition lies just 1 level below waking consciousness, in a light relaxation state, and can be easily accessed with about 2-3 minutes of relaxation.
Myth #3 - intuition is random and happens only by chance...you have to just wait for it to occur, it's out of your control and mystical in nature
Intuition can be accessed quickly and deliberately through the simple techniques I teach in my classes. Intuition is a subtle sense, similar in nature to your five senses, but has become weakened in some from lack of use or little knowledge on how to access it consistently and utilize it properly. Unfortunately for us all, they were not sharing intuition techniques in grade school. But, with some simple instruction you too can gain the inspiring and insightful guidance from it.
Myth #4 - you have to want to be a professional Intuitive or Healing Practitioner in order to enhance your intuition
Intuition is a sense that everybody has, though not all choose to develop it. It is your birthright to use this sense, in the same way it is your birthright to use your 5 senses to their fullest. You have simply been taught to favor your other five senses to the exclusion of this very natural sixth sense. Remember Intuition's first and foremost job is sending you subtle signals, and through these signals it gives you the messages of "on-course" or "off-course". Your job is simply to decipher the messages that you receive. At its essence, intuition discernment is simply about what is right for you in your life and what is not; and everybody, not just intuitives or healing practitioners, can use that extra bit of information that intuition provides to make life run a bit smoother and easier.
Myth #5 - deciphering intuition is hard and takes years of practice
Intuition is a subtle language that can be learned quickly and easily. Through my 20 years of practice, I took this complex language and systematized it into something simple and easy for you to use. Now, through my Intuition Made Easy Courses, you too can understand your intuition's unique language and how it is speaking to you specifically, so you can learn your personal intuition "cues" and "pings" in a fraction of the time it took me.