Therefore if you think deeply enough about a subject, the answer to any question about it will come. "
~Paramahansa Yogananda

We've all had those days...where you have no energy, no focus and it's all you can do to get through your workday without falling asleep at your desk. The days where nothing you do could be considered productive in any sense of the word and all you want to do is watch YouTube videos all day. I call these non-productive days, my "gathering days" and my productive days my "giving days."

On the outside a gathering day looks like procrastination, spacing out, or goofing off. But if you examine what is happening a little deeper, and look a little closer, you will come to realize that what is really happening is that your Wise Mind (aka Intuition) has picked up the details of whatever you are working on and is now "running in the background" working out the best possible ideas, solutions, and innovations for the next step in your journey.

Gathering days could be likened to having several high-bandwidth programs running tasks in the background of your computer, which slows down the overall processing speed. I have learned through the years, that if I just allow myself that down time, that gathering time, then my creative inspirations and solutions, along with my energy and focus will come back a lot quicker...usually the next day.

As a society we have forgotten that the fuel of the Wise Mind, is relaxation, play, fun, and most importantly, your mind at idle. And, if you stop to think about it, every time you had an inspired idea or an innovative solution, where were you when it came through? If you are honest, you will say that many of your most inspired ideas came when you were on the toilet, in the shower, driving, cooking or cleaning, exercising, in the afterglow of sex, meditating, or simply relaxing at the beach. Why? Because in those moments you have put your very linear, task-oriented left brain ("Giving") on pause, thus freeing your very creative and insightful right brain ("Gathering") to bring through all the creative ideas, solutions, and connections it has been processing.

Start noticing this for yourself, when your energy necessitates a gathering day, then give yourself permission to allow your mind to idle with simple tasks like movies, books, YouTube videos, binge-watching Netflix, doing the dishes or simple household tasks, knowing that your Wise Mind is running in the background working out a solution for you. Then, when your energy and inspiration return, come back to whatever you are working on with fresh eyes and notice how quickly and easily you get back on track.

Remember, just like a computer, the Wise Mind needs time to process complex tasks and generate solutions. In some cases the process will seem instantaneous, and generate solutions quickly to problems. And other times, your Wise Mind will require a bit of background computing and extra bandwidth to complete certain tasks and create inspired solutions (which will show up in your life like: downtime, procrastinating, surfing the net, watching movies, checking social media, playing a video game). In those moments, instead of berating yourself for procrastinating, you can instead choose to trust that you are in the process of gathering, and all you have the bandwidth for is something mindless, precisely because your Wise Mind is running in the background and working on whatever problem you gave it to solve.

So the next time you are brow beating yourself to come up with an idea or solution, I invite you to:
  1. put your hands in the air
  2. drop your linear thinking
  3. slowly step away from the problem
  4. calmly proceed to the nearest distraction