"I have a really good feeling about ..." How many times have you said this about something in your life?

Well how do you know for sure? Here's what you do...you listen to and honor your good feeling and you also tune in to your other subtle senses to check for congruence.
You have heard me use that term before...congruence...now here is your chance to really feel what I mean when I refer to this.
To refresh your memory - your 5 subtle senses are:
1. Feelings/Emotions
2. Subtle Smell
3. Subtle Insight
4.Subtle Hearing
5. Body Sensations
1. Feelings/Emotions - "I have a good feeling about this."
Then you check in with the rest of your 5 subtle senses.
2. Subtle Smell - As you think about this choice that you have a good feeling about - close your eyes
What do you smell?
What does that particular smell mean to you?
3. Subtle Insight - As you think about this choice that you have a good feeling about - close your eyes
What images, words, or movie clips do you see?
What does that particular image mean to you?
4. Subtle Hearing - As you think about this choice that you have a good feeling about - close your eyes
What sounds, songs, or words can you hear?
What do these particular sounds mean to you?
5. Body Sensations - As you think about this choice that you have a good feeling about - close your eyes and tune into your body
What sensations do you notice in your body and where?
What do these sensations mean to you personally?

Here's an example from my own life...I was thinking of getting a laptop, I had one all picked out and I had a good feeling about it (mostly about the price). So when I tuned into my other senses for a more complete picture of what my intuition was saying, here's how it played out for me:
1. Feelings/Emotions - "I have a good feeling about this."
2. Subtle Smell - The smell was rose and I usually like rose scent, but this was not like the fresh rose scent of spring...but more like that fake, synthetic rose smell.
3. Subtle Insight - When I asked for an image, I just saw dark
4. Subtle Hearing - I heard a slightly annoying folk song
5. Body Sensations - When I tuned into my body my energy was kinda not moving, it wasn't stuck or heavy in my chest, just not moving.
So after investigating this possible choice a bit further with my intuition, and interpreting what my senses were telling me, I determined that my senses were telling me that this was not quite the right laptop for me. In general, I got a fairly neutral and somewhat negative response.

So I waited until I found a laptop that smelled like lime, gave me pictures of springtime flowers, had me hearing angel music, and made my heart feel light and free.
So what if I get cinnamon scent when I tune in...what does that mean?
It matters less what cinnamon means in general and more what cinnamon means to you. And that is why your intuition's messages will be unique to YOU.

The question to ask yourself is: Is cinnamon a positive scent for you? Do you love it...or do you just feel meh about it or do you hate it?
My meh scent is peppermint, my no scent is a burnt smell or vinegar and my yes scent varies between chocolate, lime, and lavender.
BTW...this process also works in reverse...like when you have a bad feeling about something or you are feeling insecure about a situation...check in with your other senses to get a clearer picture and see if your mind is right. It will do one of two things:
  1. Verify that what you are feeling is correct, so you can stop fretting and start figuring out what to do about said bad feeling and situation. OR...
  2. Calm you down by verifying that your mind is having a "free-for-all-scare-you" day and in reality, all is well.
The most important thing for you to determine is what the information you are receiving means to you personally.
Is it a positive (picture, sound, scent, and body sensation) = yes
Or is it a meh sensation (you could take it or leave it) = neutral
Or is it a negative (picture, sound, scent, and body sensation) = no