It's a Matter of Trust

"Inner guidance is always there inside us, and it is always correct, wise and loving. We may lose touch with it, or misinterpret it at times. We may try to push too hard and get ahead of ourselves. But our inner teacher never abandons us. We are never alone." ~Shakti Gawain
If you remember my last post (If can catch up HERE) where I talked about the 5 Senses of Intuition...well this week I am going to give you a direct experience of what I was talking about!
So if you are like me and prefer to just jump in head first and experience things...well then, have I got a treat for you!
If you give me 5 minutes...I will give you the exact, super quick and easy formula for how to begin trusting your intuition and those "good feelings" you get about things.
The real deal about intuition is that it is all about trust...self-trust and accurate discernment of the messages your are receiving
And let's be's easier to trust people outside ourselves...especially the experts (psychics, mediums, healers, etc) when it comes to making the BIG decisions...right?
What if I told you that not only do you NOT need an expert when it comes to decisions, but went even further and suggested that you are as good and even BETTER than an expert when it comes to discerning what is best for you. What...what?!
Why? Because you know yourself have lived inside and with yourself the longest. Get it? So not only are you more than qualified, you are the expert.
I am going to show you exactly how to be your own intuitive advisor and I am going to give you so many tips, tricks and tools that you never need to consult someone outside of yourself again (unless you want to...which can be delightful as well since others can help us to see ourselves more clearly).
Remember...the true value of any advisor, psychic, intuitive, friend, or other is that they validate something you already least on some level. So why not cut out the middle man, so to speak, and go right to the source...your own.
So how do you begin developing that self-trust with regard to your intuition? I'm glad you asked, because I am going to show you exactly about 5 minutes.
My goal with all of my offerings is to bring you the best experiential tools, information and innovative ideas to reconnect you to your wise guidance within. And all in a deliciously fun, super fast and ridiculously easy way.