The problem of too much opportunity

So I was talking to a friend who was frustrated this week because she felt like she wasted 5 days bidding for a job she was never going to get anyway...but talked herself into it because she felt like she "should" do it.
Since she didn't get the job, she was beating herself up for not knowing better and also feeling guilty because she felt like she could have used that time to make money, instead of waste it on this job bid.
So while we were talking about this, I asked if she would give me 5 minutes to take her through a short discernment exercise (I often do this in the moment, cuz direct experience is sooo the best teacher). Anyway, she agreed.
After she closed her eyes, I had her breathe deep and center herself for about 2 minutes. I asked her to call this situation to mind and then I walked her through tuning into her 5 subtle senses one by one, having her note the sensations this particular situation brought up in her.
Afterwards I asked her, "Overall, do you feel like your senses pointed to a yes, no, or a neutral response? She replied "no."
She said, "You know what's interesting? The song I heard, when tuning in, I had been hearing it in my head all week (it was "Never Gonna Get It"), but I pushed it aside thinking it was just my inner naysayer being negative again, but that was my intuition...huh?"
I said, "Yeah, and this past week was a great lesson in trusting yourself, cuz now you know for sure that one of the things you were trying to ignore was actually a way that your intuition was speaking to you. And next time, you don't have to waste a week, just do this exercise ahead of time."
It's like, we all think if we don't do everything, take every opportunity that comes our way, we may be missing out on something important. And then...
We "should" ourselves into doing things that at some level, we know are not a good fit for us. And then suffer the inevitable consequences later of frustration, wasted time, and disappointment in ourselves for not knowing better.
But if instead, you just take 5 minutes ahead of time to tune into your intuition, you could be saving yourself a weeks worth (or more) of wasted effort and side-stepping some serious frustration to boot.
Or you could simply verify that the effort you are making is indeed worth your time.
Either way...the question to ask yourself is this: What is it really costing you not to take 5 minutes and check in with your intuition before agreeing to opportunities that come your way?